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All of our programs are focused on learning through PLAY!


3 months- 5 Years

Our full day program provides loving care and play based learning during typical working hours for a mixed-age group of infants, toddlers, & preschoolers.


Schedules are available to meet your family's needs from 1-5 days per week during the school year (Late August-June). Program hours are 8:00am-4:30pm with options for extended morning or afternoons when availability allows.

The full day program allows your child to join us in our intentionally planned, child-focused environments to spend their time discovering, exploring, and learning. Each day includes quality time for focused, child-led play both indoors AND outdoors. Our program also includes meals (morning snack, lunch, & afternoon snack) and a mid-day nap/rest period.

Ratios in our school year program are 1:4 or less during school hours.

Our programs include field trips to expand our interests and development as well as foster a sense of world and community for children. We love to explore local parks & playgrounds, our library, the UW Arboretum, the zoo, Aldo Leopold, and many other special places.



June- August

Our summer program is filled with adventure, nature, and the great outdoors when school is out!


Children enjoy the opportunity to discover a variety of activities in a small group setting with just one consistent and reliable teacher. Program ratios are 1:8 or less during the summer depending on the ages of the children enrolled.


Opportunities for play take place in both our indoor and outdoor spaces. During their time with us, children are free to explore and discover at their own pace and in the direction their interests lead them. Children's interests and development is supported by intentionally created environments and their teacher.


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